Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nothing of Note

With great trembling and adequately stupendous anticipation I await the next semester. This grand thrill of joy and wonder will be short lived, and will be replaced with breath-taking speed by the crushing despair of unfinished reading, and looming papers full of increasingly doubtful scholarship. Which leads to the ultimate question - this is preparing me for ministry how?

Before then though, I retreat in search of meaning and purpose. I am convinced that this time, I will actually find it. Except that if I actually found it what would I do with it? I suspect it is rather like the dog who actually catches the car.... But none of that despair! Come forth and discover the - the what? I have no idea. But no matter - it should be fun. And it is just possible that even I will be able to find God there. It is always nice when that happens....

Next semester includes a preaching class - which is not scheduled to be a great success. But I just have to pass. It is that greatest of all cliches - going beyond the comfort zone. Why do we have to go beyond the comfort zone? It is comfortable in that zone.

As you can see, I have nothing much to say here, but felt I should pretend to be a blogging type person.... Perhaps something of note will happen, and I will have something of some vaguely interest producing thing to write about. But probably not. I have a remarkably ordinary life...

Happy New Years to all the bloggy type people!

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