Monday, November 10, 2008

The great clan has increased today! Let the grand holy choir take a break from their normal adoration of the heavenly throne to lend their voices to our prayer of thanksgiving today! Through that strangest of human endeavors, that of creating for ourselves our own adorable and drooly clones, these two have made their triumphant entry into this world. Which begs the question - what kind of world is it they have entered?

That is a question often asked at times such as this. Convinced as we are that this act of replication was an ill-considered idea, we seek cosmic affirmation that breeding is a bad idea. In truth, these small children are to be raised in part by my brother, the same person who thought that peanut butter, tabasco sauce, and minced onion was a good lunch time decision.... But surely their mother will protect them!

Whatever awaits these two, whether prosperity or adversity - or more likely both in their times - I wish them and their parents the best of luck. I fear for their nutrition, knowing what my brother tends to regard as food, but I do not doubt that they are already greatly loved. I give them my thoughts, best wishes, and sincere prayers, and look very much forward to seeing who they will become. Godspeed tiny nephews!