Friday, July 24, 2009

Look! I wrote another one!

So, I said I would do it, and I have done it! The sad fact is, nobody cares. How sad.

Two more weeks of summer school - truly a purgatory for students and teachers... And I have the exciting responsibility of telling one of my poor charges they get to be a freshman again. I don't want to. I was going to tell her today, but she ran off too quickly. So she gets one more weekend of joy....

Here I stand, soon to be without job and housing - and yet I can't help but think I am not as worried about it as perhaps I should be. The grace of God working in my life, or the immature avoidance of responsibilities? I like to believe it is an expression of my enormous faith - but I am not sure I can get away with so great a tale... Still, I like to think God is looking after me. We shall see.

Perhaps the secret to this blog life is to let go of the dream of brilliance, and let the post end here. There is a deep spiritual truth in that I think. Well, perhaps not. But we'll try anyway. Good night sweet prince!


KAM said...

Keep writing! This is a great post and so what if no one reads it? They will! I did, even if I did stumble across it, I stumble across a lot and a lot I never go back to or comment on. Continue if your so inclined! Spread the Faith. k

Jen Frazer said...

AAHH! There's a comment! (How'd that happen?) I thank you much, and in your honor, I will avoid my legitimate homework in your honor!